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If you asked people who’ve worked with coach bob what makes him different, most would say he’s a very clear thinker. He can take a beneficial confusing concept, digest it, and spit it out in ways that are easy for all of us to use to make our lives better. Having been a successful business owner early in his career, mid-stream he took an abrupt turn following his passion of wanting to understand who we are and why do we do what we do. Experimenting on himself, he constructed a philosophy which lead to increased happiness and success for him and those he’s coached over the last 25 years. Being on local and national radio talk shows, interviewed on the Gaia streaming channel, published in business journals as well as past president of two non-profits dedicated to helping the youth of Detroit are examples of the ‘creed’ he’s built over his career. Not a day goes by where he’s not spending time improving his craft. His passion of understanding and sharing to make things better for all of us is propelling his latest approach of sharing his coaching in a group setting, makes his coaching more affordable to many more people.
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