Our Program Fundamental Observations can CHANGE YOUR LIFE
Whether you need to solve a problem or achieve a goal, our process gives you the chance to be the best you can be
Where it works... 
Our process will support your efforts no matter what area of your life you’re focusing on:
Medical science knows our stress; our anger/fear, is possibly the biggest threat to our mental and physical health. Being able to control your state of mind under the pressures of life greatly improves your health forecast!
Successful problem resolution when dealing with others is critical to our happiness and success. Staying in control when tension arises allows you to communicate quickly and effectively. 
Work & Career
We are constantly tested to prove our worth in the workplace; interviews, meetings, deadlines, sales, etc. We’re the best we can be when we’re thinking clearly, listening attentively and communicating effectively makes this happen.

Specific Goals
The closer we get to our important goals, the more pressure we feel. Using the pressure as your guidepost instead of your whipping post allows you to have fun learning when the pressure wants to mount.  
How it works... 
In order to change your behavior, no matter your end goal, there’s a fundamental two-step process that needs to be followed. Early on in our program, you’ll be exposed to these two fundamentals:

1. An understanding of what makes you who you are and what needs to be done to accomplish your objective. This entails: 

- Understanding what science knows about how we operate. How can you make changes if you don’t know how it operates? 

- Breaking down our decisioning making process so you’ll finally see the counterintuitive ways you produce the life you have. 

We’ll explain the process in easy to understand concepts...

    - Understanding how the energy we put into our efforts determines the results we get. 

- Seeing clearly how our anger, fears and excitement cloud our best efforts.

 By identifying where your negative energy comes from, you’ll be in a position to counteract it.. 

2. The second stage is Implementing the above understandings in successful ways. 

We use our workshop approach to train you in using our technique on real time situations currently in your life. 

- How to Manage your thoughts and emotions so you take the best actions possible  for real change. 

- Teaching you how to  concentrate on the day to day challenges you face or concentrate on any big issues you’re dealing with. You’ll spend real time getting real results!  
- Checking in with you on a daily basis during the 30-day period is our way of ‘supervising’ your practice to ensure you get the results you’re pleased with.
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Imagine this... 
...Having the confidence to overcome your fear of accomplishing your goals

..Being able to count on a coach to supervise your practice so you transfer the skill of being your best when it matters most

..Knowing how to put yourself in a calm state of mind when others are losing it; you’re the leader, the one in control! 
Don't Just take our word for it...
George Blaha 
Voice of the Detroit Pistons for over 40 years
George Noory
Host of the award-winning national radio show--- Coast 2 Coast AM
Learning how to view myself in a way that keeps me in control when it’s important has been a game changer for me.  
Paul - Lexington,Kentucky

Coach is right, it doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with. Life continues to bring me more stuff to deal with and these tools and techniques always deliver. 
Lynda - Boston
Next round starts SUNDAY march 24th 
  • Intensive WEEK 1 
  •  Understanding the process Live Workshop - Day  1. (with descriptive handouts)                      Sunday 24th March 9pm EST 
  •  Using the process Live Workshop- Day 4. (With descriptive handouts)                            Wednesday 27th 10pm EST 
  •  4 live implementation coaching sessions (where you put into use the experiment from the two workshops. 10 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)                                                     
  •  On-demand viewing when you can’t make the live sessions
  • On-call support from Coach Bob - Message him anytime and he will personally respond within 24 hours.
  •                                             Guided "Making the Habit" WEEKS 2-4
  •  Day 7 wrap-up session (making sure you ready to do the work necessary over the next 3 weeks)          Sunday 31st March 9pm 
  •  Daily repetitions of the experiment learned in week one.
  •  Every Monday and Thursday at 10 pm--- Live coaching sessions (you email Coach Bob what’s happening with your experiments and he gives specific tools and techniques to use on the specific situations you’ve sent to him. 
  •  Daily reinforcement on non-session days in the form of emails, GIFS or Personal messages from Coach Bob to ensure change happens! 
  •  On-call support from Coach Bob - Message him anytime and he will personally respond within 24 hours.24 Hour support from Coach Bob - Message him anytime and he will personally respond.
  •  "Tools for the future" Live Workshops wrapping up the course - Days 29 and day 30                     April  21st Sunday 10 pm and April 22nd 9 pm EST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Optional Additional Support                
  •  For those who would like additional private 1-2-1 Coaching with Coach Bob in addition to the group 30 day program. You can add 2 private 1 hour sessions to your program at check out for only $300, bringing your package to a total of $799 
 For the exclusive $450 price!
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At any time, and for any reason, you want to receive your money back, just let us know. 100% refund—no questions asked!

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  • General self-help. Those who actively work on their growth
  •  Important Goal: something important to achieve now
  •  Difficult situation: Frightening situations that need to be overcome.

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